sysadm, web*, ui/ux/ixd
MA (pend.), BSc.
An interactive installation based on generative algorithms and a multi-framework architecture that brings computation, art and the human touch together for an alluring experience.

The procedurally geometric, amorphous hero is an ambiguous, crude and low-poly like spherical body with pulsating movement and lives in a digitally created black, deep water soundscape. The aural bit of the experience is built on an atmospheric, ambient digital-underwater loop with glitchy character sounds. Presence of a living being alters their coexistence.
Jan 2016   Darbast Platform (Generative Algorithms: Methods of Making)
Mohsen Gallery, Tehran IR, January 1-8
Nov 2013   Amber '13 Art and Technology Festival (Did You Plug In)
TAK, Istanbul TR, November 1-10
Using data collected from a Kinect sensor via Processing, the real-time procedural 3D model of the creature is rendered in Cinder. This information is then forwarded to Ableton (with Massive VST) through Pure Data by midi mapping, generating a two-track sound based on the form of the creature. The frameworks are connected wirelessly using OSC, hence allowing a multi-computer setup for performance and easier installation.

All footage in this video was captured by a two computer setup: one responsible of the visuals and Kinect interaction running Cinder and Processing, and the other controlling sound and mapping data with Pure Data over to Ableton.